Helicobacter Pylori Antigen Detection Kit (Colloidal Gold)

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This kit is used for in vitro qualitative detection of Helicobacter pylori antigen in human stool samples[1]. The test results are for the auxiliary diagnosis of Helicobacter pylori infection in clinical gastric disease[2].

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HWTS-OT058-Helicobacter Pylori Antigen Detection Kit (Colloidal Gold)




Helicobacter pylori (Hp) is a main pathogen causing gastritis, peptic ulcer and gastric cancer in various people worldwide. It belongs to the Helicobacter family and is a Gram-negative bacterium. Helicobacter pylori is excreted with the feces of the carrier. It spreads through fecal-oral, oral-oral, pet-human routes, and then proliferates in the gastric mucosa of the patient's gastric pylorus, affecting the patient's gastrointestinal tract and causing ulcers.

Technical Parameters

Target region Helicobacter pylori
Storage temperature 4℃-30℃
Sample type Stool
Shelf life 12 months
Auxiliary instruments Not required
Extra Consumables Not required
Detection time 10-15 mins
Specificity There is no cross-reactivity with Campylobacter, Bacillus, Escherichia, Enterobacter, Proteus, Candida albicans, Enterococcus, Klebsiella, human infection with other Helicobacter, Pseudomonas, Clostridium, Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, Salmonella, Acinetobacter, Fusobacterium, Bacteroides.

Work Flow


 Read the result (10-15 mins)


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